Space Week

Space Week begins on 4th October.

This blog post contains lots of ideas suitable for any class to link with Space Week.

For Infants you might like to cover Space as your topic in Aistear. In role play you could create a space station, small world could also be a space station. In construction you could build rockets, I particularly like the giant polydrons when making rockets. Other ideas for Space as an Aistear topic can be found here.

If Space is not your current Aistear topic there are lots of nice ideas to link with Space Week. While you can explore the planets and learn the names of them you can also explore Space travel. A great experiment to demonstrate to the junior classes is the rocket launch using a film canister and an effervescent tablet (Vitamin C). Click here to find the instructions.

In Junior or Middle Classes you could explore rocket launches using balloons. The children could compare the type of balloon they use to decide which is the best one to launch. Click here for more information.

Other rocket launches suitable for Middle and Senior Classes are the foam rockets from Primary Science. There are lots of opportunities to integrate maths in this experiment, comparing the angle of elevation to the distance travelled.

To explore Planets I like the scale model of the solar system. I used home-made play-doh as you will need a substantial amount if you want to cover it with the class. This experiment makes a scale model of the solar system which older classes might find quite interesting.

Similarly this activity creates a pocket sized solar system and shows the children the location of the planets in comparison to the sun and each other. A receipt roll is ideal for this activity.

Other Space Week resources can be found on Space Week, SFI and Primary Science!

Have fun!



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