World Kindness Day

Tomorrow November 13th is World Kindness Day.

Here is my plan to celebrate World Kindness Day in my class.

I plan on first focusing on being kind to yourself. I have printed resources from the Walk in my Shoes site. 

I will encourage the children to think of positive self-talk initially and link with the mindset display in the classroom.




We will then complete the Selfie ‘Steem activity where the children will identify the positive qualities of their peers.





This links well with the Caring element of the Character Education Pack I use in my class. I particularly enjoy the story Someone loves you Mr. Hatch to encourage discussion on acts of kindness.



To encourage parental involvement and highlight the importance of mindfulness and emotional wellness I have printed a Wellness Journal from and the class will complete one page per day as homework.




Finally to encourage Random Acts of Kindness I have a record sheet so that the children can record their own Random Acts of Kindness over the course of the week.

Looks like there is a busy week ahead with Science Week and World Kindness Day!

Have a great week!





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