Artist of the Month: Degas

Hi everyone,

More ideas for the Artist of the Month.

I have chosen Degas as the artist for next month. The children might respond to the art of Degas if they do ballet themselves.

I am slowly introducing myself to Pinterest have set up a Pinterest board to save ideas for Art Lessons specifically on Degas. Check out my Pinterest board here.

I have also used the story books from the Anholt Series to introduce the artists through stories. The book Degas and the Little Dancer introduces the children to Marie who wants to be a famous dancer and meets Degas at the ballet school.

There are lots of options to include different strands in lessons for this Artist.

The children could use fabric to create the dress of the ballerina. Alternatively the children could use a variety of media to create the pictures and compare the effects when using paint or pastels.

To link with other subjects, you could also link with Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the children could listen to it as they work on their ballerina pictures.

Happy Planning



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