Light Up Christmas Cards with Scien-tastic

Hi everyone,

Christmas is such a magical time in schools, in between the rehearsals for Christmas plays and Carol Services there is such a giddy buzz among the pupils as us teachers also look forward to the break.

In Senior Classes I found it easier last year to keep a routine as much as possible but to link in with different Christmas themed activities as much as you can. This year I am going to use a Christmas theme in my Science thanks to Scien-tastic!!

I recently bought the light up Christmas Cards from Scien-tastic and I am really looking forward to making them with my class next week.

The kit contains copper tape, card templates, card and LED bulbs to create your Christmas Cards. All I had to get was a set of coin batteries in Dealz.


The kit also comes with a set of instructions with step by step photos which will be very useful so I know how to do it too!! They could also be shared with the class on the whiteboard to help them to complete the circuit. (You would need to have completed lessons on circuits before beginning this activity with your class).

This set also allows for some creativity so that the children could design and create their own cards which will light up.

I will keep you posted as to how this activity goes during the week.

I am also hoping to use another activity from Scien-tastic to create Christmas Cards with crystal snowflakes. Perfect way to include a Christmas theme across Science and Art.



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