Using Christmas Ads in the Class

We all look forward to the traditional Christmas ads or ads from our childhood, the Kellogg’s ad has to be one of my favourites along with the Coca-Cola one and the cartoon one from Pennys from many moons ago.

Now there are so many Christmas ads with lots of hidden meanings that can be used in your class in the weeks before Christmas. Here are some ads and how I have used them and plan to use them with my Senior Classes.

Tesco Ad

I love these ads as each person chats about Christmas in their house and thanks those who make it special for them. Last year we watched the video and then the children got to chat in their groups about traditions in their own homes. Then the children got to write a letter to those who they were spending Christmas with, whether it was at home with their parents or grandparents. The children really loved this idea and the letters they wrote were really special. We wrote them out on special paper and each child had the opportunity to take theirs home and share it with their parents or with those they had written to.

Sainsbury’s Ad 2016

I love James Corden and when I heard he was the voice behind the song for this Christmas Ad I had to watch it. In the class we learned this song and sang it at assembly for the whole school. We also had lots of discussion about the real meaning behind this song and how important it is to spend time together as a family.

BBC Christmas Ad 2017

This is my favourite ad this year so far. I shared it on my page recently and judging from the reactions I think a lot of people felt like I did. I am looking forward to using it in my class soon. I hope to let the class watch the video first and then have lots of class discussion about their own feelings and emotions after watching it.

There are so many ads that could be used in the class, these are only some of my favourites. Share yours in the comments.



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