Artist of the Month: Jackson Pollock

In January our Artist of the Month is Jackson Pollock.

A great artist to explore with children even if it is rather messy!!!!

Jackson Pollock is known for his abstract art and his unusual methods of creating his art.

Twinkl has a fantastic resource to teach the children about the life and work of Jackson Pollock, find it here.

The children love to explore painting like Pollock using string, wool or other implements. Be warned though it can be very messy so make sure the children have their art t-shirts/aprons on!!!

I love the site Deep Space Sparkle for Art ideas, they too have lesson ideas for Jackson Pollock.

The Crafty Classroom also has lots of ideas to incorporate the work of Pollock into your lessons.

If you would like to share any of your lessons using the above resources please email me to include them on this post.

Have Fun!!



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