Term 2: My Plan

Hi everyone,

As the start of Term 2 draws ever closer I wanted to do a quick post on my plan for January and Term 2 with my Senior Classes.

Project Work:
We will continue to work on our Junior Entrepreneur Project, I have spent time looking up aliexpress and ebay to source materials we might need for our Big Idea! More blog posts to come as we continue with JEP. As the project progresses I hope that it will encourage me class to be more cohesive as a group.

I am also going to cover the topic of Irish History and 1916 rising with the class. I will cover this in History initially, and then I hope to cover the novel Friend or Foe with the class. I find linking History with an English Novel is a great way to ensure the class transfer their learning and also to gain a better understanding of the topic. Last year I covered The Famine and then we read Under the Hawthorn Tree and this worked really well.


The novel Friend or Foe will be a key part of my English in Term 1. I try to make my own novel workbook for the novels I cover in class. The workbook includes vocab work along with questions, cloze procedures and inferring activities.

I also hope to work on more Cloze Tests with my class. Cloze Tests are a great way to develop their reading, scanning and inferring strategies for comprehension.


You may be aware of the book and film Wonder. I read it to my class in Term 1 and we also started Auggie and Me. It is an excellent book to read aloud and allow the children time to listen, think and reflect on what has happened but also relating it to their own behaviours. I intend to refer back to this book in my SPHE lessons this term, from peer pressure to bullying and exclusion. This book has definitely helped to develop empathy in my class and for the children to understand what exactly empathy means.

I am also going to use the new SPHE books from Prim-Ed in my class, there is a review to come during the week. I covered the lesson on Power in relationships with the class before the break and it worked really well so I look forward to using these books in class more often in Term 2.

There are also lots of other events in Term 2. Engineers Week is from 24th February to 2nd March. I also have Confirmation with my own class. We will continue to work on the Discover Primary Science Awards and I will also update you on our progress in further blog posts.

For now though I am going to relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays while I can but I will have other blog posts during the week too.

Enjoy the rest of the break!!!



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