Term 2 – so far

Hi everyone, sorry for my lack of blog posts but it seems I am in the same boat as many other teacher bloggers that the first two weeks back have been so busy that I didn’t have time to blog. But here is an update of my classroom and importantly my 10 things to let go.

10 things to let go in the New Year

This post was so popular and was shared by lots of fellow bloggers too. So thank you for your responses to it. While I had great intentions and I have followed them some what, I have had to remind myself of one or two. Namely taking things personally and lettings things go. I have, however, been very productive in other areas. I am now making a To Do list for my classroom planning and classroom organisation. I am using an app that links with my Office365 school account so as things come up via email I can add them to my list. So far it is working slowly but surely. I am also trying to limit my screen time in the evening so apologies to those who message late as I don’t get to reply until the following day.


My class really enjoyed this book, I read it to them almost every day in December and you could hear a pin drop in my room. I am now using it as a focus in my classroom for behaviour and expectations. I am taking my inspiration from Diary of a 21st Century Teacher I bought some of her fabulous resources from TpT and then made my own kindness journal for my class. This week we are focusing on the acts of kindness by others and how we can be wonderful in the class. They keep a record and as a class we choose an act of kindness and the person who showed that act of kindness gets a standing ovation on a Friday. It is definitely creating a more positive atmosphere in my classroom. I will keep you posted!

We have also started to read Auggie and Me and a strong message in that book is Empathy which I hope to develop further with the class. Watch this space!!!!

If you have any questions on this post please send me a PM.



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