Junior Entrepreneur Update

Our Junior Entrepreneur Project is getting very exciting at the moment.

Before Christmas the children participated in Dragon’s Den and our Big Idea was chosen.

Our project this year is an Easter themed product so with Easter being early this year we have had to being Term 2 and our JEP product straight away.

I am waiting on our Business Visitor to come into us, but we did begin our Market Research. Having worked on JEP last year my 6th class were really familiar with the Market Research and were comfortable outlining the questions for their survey.

We used Google Forms to create our survey for parents, we are in the process of designing a paper survey for the younger children to complete to develop our idea from a product to an event!

So now the class are working on their treasure trove of talents, they are identifying their own talents and qualities while also identifying which qualities you need for the different teams within JEP. I think it’s great to listen to the chat amongst themselves regarding their maths skills and creativity and how they relate to Finance and Marketing. One child actually recommended one of their peers for a specific job because of their computer skills. It is a real positive experience for the class and I’m hoping will encourage the group to be more cohesive.

Our Project Managers have also succeeded in securing funding from the school. They arranged a meeting with the Principal to discuss an initial investment and after a lengthy negotiating process agreed a return of 12.5% of their profits.

Overall I am really enjoying the project this year, having completed it last year also I now am more familiar with it and more confident in letting my class lead it. I enjoy the discussions in class regarding marketing strategies and unique selling points. Language that we would never have used outside of this project.

When I have photos of our exclusive product I will add them to my page! Watch this space!




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