February in Senior Classes

Hi everyone,

It has been a very busy start to Term 2! Between parent teacher meetings, planning for station teaching and also preparing for Confirmation I’ve been really busy and have overlooked my blog a bit.

For my class this year I am hoping to focus on fluency, we have focused on vocab and comprehension but I feel that fluency is my next focus. I have got some resources from Prim-Ed that I am going to use to support this in my class, there will be a more detailed blog post soon!!!

Don’t forget Engineers Week is also coming soon, there are lots of ideas available online and I will add more posts as it draws closer. My class has been accepted for the I’m an Engineer, get me out of here and I am really excited about taking part in this initiative.

If any of my followers are preparing for TP there are lots of older blog posts that focus on thematic planning in both infants and senior classes, however if you would like more ideas send me a PM and I can add posts to the blog and planning and integration charts to Mash.ie!

Enjoy midterm for those of you who are finishing Friday! Remember those of us who are working Monday – Wednesday next week.



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