Artist of the Month: Seurat

Georges Seurat is well known for his pointillism style of painting.

There are lots of different ideas to cover pointillism and Georges Seurat with your class.

Twinkl have a lovely powerpoint about the life of Seurat on their site (subscription required). My own class were fascinated about the facts behind the painting A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.

Another site that explores the life of Georges Seurat with some nice lesson ideas too is Happy Family Art. The lesson/activity suggested with the sunflowers could be used in the context of Spring flowers. Pointillism allows the children time to explore the paint and colour strand through a variety of materials. I know my own class were trying to use the cotton buds as a paintbrush and needed reminders of the pointillism effect they were trying to achieve.

I have also used pointillism to link with a Valentines theme where you can explore mixing colours too. In the infants class we started with a large heart. The children had two cotton buds one with red paint and one with white paint. They started on one side with the red paint and white paint on the other, they explored the mixing of the two colours in the middle of the heart. You could also try this activity with other colours and Spring flowers.

Finally I have to link with one of my favourite sites for art ideas, Mrs Browns Art .  There are so many ideas for different artists and art lessons, but there is also a powerpoint on pointillism that you can download and use in your class.

Enjoy pointillism, it is one of those lessons that the children can work on and you hopefully won’t hear ‘I’m finished’ after five minutes (when setting up for Art takes about 10).

If you have any questions send me a PM.



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