Stages of Snow Days for Teachers

Hey everyone,

It’s Day 2 or 3 of your Snow Days now, how is everyone?
Is there serious cabin fever yet??

There has to be a few stages of Snow Days for Teachers

Stage One

Surprise!!!! That feeling when you get that text to say your school is closed due to the Red Warning from Met Eireann. Cue frantic planning of your day to ensure you have the necessary supplies to last the storm.

Stage Two

The Wait!!!! Where is that snow that has covered the rest of the country? Is it because I live near the sea? You are afraid to close the curtains in case you miss the all important snowflakes starting.

Stage Three

The Online Shopping! So you have done all the necessary supply shopping and are still laughing at all the memes about bread. You check emails and spot that Prim-Ed have both a World Book Day Sale and Snow Day Sale and there are bargains to be had! I purchased some of their high interest, low level readers, that’s my next book club sorted. I check out my other favourite sites and add to my never ending wish lists!

Stage Four

SNOW!!!!! So I woke up this morning to a complete blanket of snow and it was still Snowing. It was all I needed to admit defeat, now I had the perfect excuse to stay indoors and binge watch shows on Netflix! I think the blanket of snow has helped me to relax and finally shut my mind off my to-do lists and not panic about upcoming Confirmation and other school events. – How long this will last I don’t know!!!


I’ll keep up updated



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