ICT in Senior Classes

Technology is one of the steps to the STEM awards from Discover Primary Science, they want to see examples of the students work. So here are some ideas to use in your class depending on your resources and the children’s access to IT at home.

Many of these ideas came from the PDST Using ICT for assessment course that ran last Summer.


I signed up to Edmodo using my school Office365 account and then set up accounts for my own class. We use Edmodo regularly, the children can ask question in the forum, or send me messages privately. I invited all parents to join the class too so that they can see their child’s posts and messages.

I set weekly quizzes on Edmodo too, History is usually on Tuesday and for homework on Wednesday the children have to complete a quiz on Edmodo based on the History lesson. Their progress is recorded and saved in their online portfolio. You could also use the quizzes to assess other subjects too.

It has been especially handy over the last few days as I have been able to set the class a daily challenge, whether it is fun in the snow related or simple writing activity to keep them busy.


As a school we use Office365 as a platform for emails and as a school database also, sharing folders of resources and files for others to use. After the course I set up accounts for my pupils with restrictions so that they can only contact within our own school domain. I use the Word app regularly as a publishing platform and portfolio for our writing genres. The children can access Office365 on any device so they have the opportunity to edit in at home or in school. Currently they share their documents with me for feedback, rather than editing the mistakes, I add comments that the children can go back and review their own work. By Term 3 I am hoping to introduce peer assessment to the children so they can review their own work.


I really like using Sway myself as a presentation tool, I have started to introduce it to my class also. As part of our Primary Science Application the children will get to create their own Sway presentation based on an experiment or activity we covered in class. It is a fun, exciting way for the children to present their own work.


kahoot is another free online too to create your own quizzes for assessment. The children can all complete the activity at the same time if you have enough devices. It records their progress so you can monitor their responses.

Alternatively you could also allow the students to create their own quizzes as a form of self and peer assessment.


I have used Padlet for different activites, however I want to use it more frequently in my class in Term 3. In padlet the children can respond to a question anonymously, it will encourage the children who may not be confident in speaking aloud in class or responding on Edmodo when their name is visible. Again I have set it as homework responding to novel for Book Club or offering their opinion on a topic we are covering in class.

These are some of the online tools I use both myself and for the pupils to engage in ICT. With the Digital Strategy for schools, hopefully schools will be able to purchase devices and expand their use of ICT in their classroom. Any of the resources I have mentioned above are free. Office365 requires an initial set up but academic licences are free. If you have any questions please send me a PM.



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