Teaching Practice Themes: People at Work

Another blog post today for the Junior Classes!

Many of my followers are in a TP block for the next few weeks, here is an example of an overarching theme to be explored in Aistear and how it can integrate across the different curricular areas.

My overarching theme is People at Work.

There are many Aistear Topics to explore under this theme, but for this post I am focusing on The Restaurant and The Garden Centre.

I love the Restaurant as a topic for Aistear, the children can explore this topic in so many ways and it is great to involve parents in this topic too.

Literacy: I would plan my literacy lessons around a story book, for this topic I like to use Mrs Wobble the Waitress from the Happy Family Series. The book can be explored within Oral Language and Reading. this topic also links with procedure writing easily as you look at menus and recipes for the Restaurant.

Similarly within the Garden Centre topic, I would focus my lessons around the storybook Oliver’s Vegetables and continue with procedure writing also.

Numeracy: Money will easily link to both of these topics. identifying coins and using them in the role play areas also.

Alternatively you could explore capacity and weight in both these topics.

SESE: Exploring the stories will link to History for both topics. You could explore the overarching theme of People at Work in both these topics also.

Drama: Drama will consist of teacher in role activities and children in role in the socio-dramatic area of Aistear.

An integration chart is available in my Mash.ie store for this topic. There are also integration charts for topics suitable for Senior Classes.

If you have any questions please send me a PM.




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