Easter Holidays

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying a well deserved break this week. After a particularly busy end to Term 2 I definitely need the break. Can you believe Term 2 is over and we are facing into Term 3? The day of the holidays I felt like it was midterm break rather than the Easter holidays.

Term 2 was hectic, between snow days and school events I felt like I could never catch up, I am hoping to catch up on blog posts as well as my own plans over the next few days and then take some well earned time off next week.

I finally completed the Junior Entrepreneur Programme with my class on the week of the holidays, we had a very successful showcase day and the class are now busy planning how to spend their hard earned profits. Older blog posts outline the JEP project in more detail.

My class worked on the novel Friend or Foe in Term 2 while learning about the 1916 Easter Rising. I love to integrate English and History as reading a novel that links to that era really brings History to life. At the end of the novel we had a lovely Book Club Meeting where the groups got to reflect on the novel and the class had lovely feedback about it all. Do you have any suggestions for novels to link with specific periods in History.

We are also busy working on the application for Primary Science Awards and have already planned for our Showcase day in April. The class take such pride in work when they are presenting it to a wider audience outside of the school. We weren’t successful in getting a place at the RDS Primary Science Fair this year so we will present our work to the wider school community instead.

There are lots of blog posts to come over the next few days

  • Term 3 in Senior classes
  • Term 3 in Infants
  • Primary Science Awards
  • Update on my Reading Fluency for Senior Classes
  • Reading Fluency for Junior Classes
  • Irish Homework.ie

There are also lots of product reviews to come

  • Reading Comprehension and Word Reading from Prim-Ed
  • Reading for Success in Prim Ed

If you have any suggestions for blog posts please send me a PM.



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