Primary Science Application

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine, I hope it’s a glimpse of what is to come!!!

Over the holidays I hope to put together the application for Primary Science Awards which is due on April 27th. Here are some ideas for each section of the Awards.

Step 1: Hands on Activities

I have included lots of activities from all classes which cover the four strands of the Science Curriculum

Living Things

Energy and Forces

  • there are lots of electricity experiments that could be included; making a switch, a simple circuits
  • exploring the push and pull force of magnetism, in younger classes they could go on a magnet hunt and take photos of the different magnetic things they find.
  • make rockets, I enjoy this experiment to make a chemical rocket launch
  • exploring push and pull toys in Aistear


  • investigate if something is waterproof can be easily explored using the water tray in Aistear.
  • you could also explore the changing of appearances through cooking, melting chocolate to make rice krispie buns.

Environmental Awareness and Care

  • create a science trail or a nature trail in the school environment
  • older classes could explore a scientist and learn about their work as part of Science and the Environment

Step 1 also includes Guest Speakers, easily integrated with an Aistear theme, or you could attend a Science week event.

Step 2: Technology

In Step 2 you must provide evidence of the children using technology. This can be used in all classes but more examples could be gained from Senior Classes. I include Kahoot quizzes that my class have made. As I use Office365 in my class the children can also create a presentation on a Science Experiment to include with the project.

Step 3: Engineering

Earlier blog posts had lots of ideas for Engineers Week that you could add to this section, k’nex challenges in different classes, exploring the different types of Engineers with your class would also contribute to this section. I particularly like this resource from Scien-tastic to make your own Draw Bot!

Step 4: Maths

There are lots of activities that could be included here

Step 5: Showcase

In this section you must present your work in the area of Science, if your school participated in the any of the Primary Science Fairs it can be included here. You could also showcase your work within your own school, presenting experiments to younger classes or arranging your own Science Showcase where the class can present their work to the wider school community. I have chosen this method this year, the class are working  in groups of 3 and will present one experiment per group. They must create their own poster for the experiment along with digital supports if they wish.

These are some ideas to include with your submission but don’t forget the fantastic work you have completed in your own class yourself.

The above post relates to the plaque which represents the work from over half the school. Alternatively you could apply for a cert for your own class.

Any questions on the above post, please send me a PM.



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