Artist of the Month: Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is an African American Artist who is well known for her quilts that reflects story telling through painting and quilting fabric.

Her story links with that of Rosa Parks and in Senior Classes you could explore the discrimination of the African Americans by the White people and the Civil Rights Movements. So this is an ideal time to link History with Art.

I use Slide Share to find information and presentations for my class and this one on Faith Ringgold displays her work along with biographical information that can be shared with Senior Classes.

You can experiment with pastels initially and create pictures similar to those of Faith Ringgold. I also created a class project to create a quilt where children created an image of their own story or an event in History.

I purchased a large piece of cream fabric and cut up pieces for each student. Initially they planned out their work on paper, remembering to add creative borders to link with work of Faith Ringgold. Then the children used a variety of media to create their own images on the fabric. When they were finished we displayed them as one piece of Art. It is a great way to link with a variety of strands in Art mainly Fabric and Fibre.

This could also be used with Junior Classes focusing on the colourful and creative borders too.



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