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Before the Easter break I started using with my class, and it has been a huge hit with the class, myself and parents. takes a flipped classroom approach to learning Irish. The children can play games and practice the work at home with activities in class to consolidate the topic.


As part of the initial set up you must assign an account to each child in your class. The childrens’ first names become their user name and login. You can then assign a specific lesson to the whole class.

There are three levels of lessons, we started on Level One and have worked our way through it. Some of my students have already progressed onto Level Two. Irishhomework also allows you to assign specific lessons to specific students so you can easily differentiate.

Screenshot (14)

There are activities for each lesson, initially they can play a matching game with key phrases for the drama. Then they can watch and listen to the drama video. My personal favourite element of the lesson is the key dialogue where each sentence can be played individually, you can also play specific words. The child then has the opportunity to record themselves repeating the dialogue. They can also expand their vocab by repeating this activity with key examples. There is also a test for each lesson which covers key vocab from the lesson.

Screenshot (17)

My class have been really responsive to this approach so far. In class I run through the drama video with them before letting them work in pairs. There is a reall buzz around the classroom when they are working on drama activities from

I have really enjoyed using this approach with my class, through the flipped classroom approach the children are becoming independent learners. They are constantly encouraged to revise the vocab from other lessons through the word search activities. There is also a monthly test option which I have recently switched on for the class and that monitors their progress each month.

Screenshot (16)

I highly recommend for Senior Classes. Further information can be found on their site. Robin Rynhart is the founder of the site and has been really helpful to fix issues I was having in my initial set up to providing specific training on using the site through the flipped classroom approach. I recommend speaking to him and trying this approach in your own classroom.


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