Artist of the Month: Picasso

Time for a new artist of the month, this time Picasso.

I have really enjoyed focusing on a specific artist each month this year.  My class can now make connections between artist with similar styles and also the era they are from.

Twinkl have a fab resource for Picasso available to download (subscription required). They also have a fact sheet about Picasso that you could add to your display boards. I ask one child each month to type up some facts and add that to our display. It is another way to identify with the Artist.

One of Picasso’s most famous pieces is that of Weeping Woman, you can use this image to explore the art of cubism in your classroom. There are many suggestions for lessons to link with Weeping Woman online. I like Junior Think Art to explore cubism and this lesson from Deep Space Sparkle to explore in your own Art Lesson.

Within the month you could also explore abstract self-portraits to link with ‘Weeping Woman’. Other lessons that link to Picasso include creating a portrait collage using magazines which would be an ideal lesson for younger classes.

Finally creating similar pieces in clay is an ideal time to link across the different strands in Art.

If you have any questions on the above post, please send me a PM.




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