Reading Records and Spelling Records

Do you spend ages each month preparing new reading records?

I always spent the end of the month preparing new reading records for my class. Then the start of the month was spent collecting older records and filing them. A time consuming part of reading in the infant classroom. Until I got samples of the new reading record in the post from ABC School Supplies.


The new Reading Record from ABC School Supplies is a one stop shop for reading records for the whole year.

There is a two page spread to record the reading each fortnight.

It also contains a section to record sight words or new vocabulary along with a progress section for feedback from home and school.

Other sections in the book include a record of books read and another section to record new vocabulary and dictionary work.



It really is a one stop shop for reading records for any class in the school.

Similarly ABC school supplies also have a spelling record book which is ideal for senior classes in the school. I used a word study approach with my class and this book would be an ideal record. You could focus on a spelling pattern each week and encourage your class to identify words with the specific spelling pattern and record it in the spelling record book.

DSC_0098DSC_0099 The book incorporates a look, cover, write, check approach for the words the child identifies.

It also includes a section to build on vocabulary and word meanings.



I really like the last section at the back for high frequency words, these record books can be used for spelling activities but also as a word bank for English writing activities.



Check these resources out on ABC School Supplies 



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