Summer Course with Anokha Learning

This year I completed the online course Internet Safety and Cyberbullying prevention with Anokha Learning.

Having completed two courses with Anokha learning last year, one based on cultivating friendships I felt it was a natural progression to focus on Internet Safety this year. Next year I will be teaching senior classes again and I find that more and more incidents of online behaviours are coming to the fore in the classroom and unfortunately will continue to do so.

The Summer Course explored a variety of activities for Internet Safety and Cyberbullying prevention, including parental involvement and responsibilities, using social media safely along with policy and procedures in school.

I found this course very beneficial for any teacher but particularly those with classes in the middle and senior end of the school. While it made you aware of your role and the need to identify to both parents and students the importance of monitoring their online behaviour it also provided great suggestions for resources and activities in the class.

Each course with Anokha learning also includes a module on Restorative Practice, I found this module very beneficial last year and I implemented it with my class last year. I also really enjoyed the links to the Ted Talks and the videos from schools who are actively engaging in Restorative Practice.

Overall, I really enjoyed the courses from Anokha learning, they explore a variety of topics within the modules, which are all relevant to our classrooms today. I think their Summer Programme explores a wide variety of topics which would be of interest to a lot of teachers today.

If you have any further questions about my Summer Course with Anokha Learning please send me a PM.

Futher information about these Summer Courses can be found here. 


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