My Favourite Resources: Infants

In the Infant classroom there can be so many resources and it can be hard to pick your favourite. I have listed my favourite resources for classroom organisation and literacy in this blog post.

Classroom Organisation:


It can be difficult to organise the children’s own stationery in the classroom, I bought these small towers from Euro Giant that the children could use for their own crayons, pencils etc. Each child had their own drawer with their name on it and they tidied away easily at the end of the day. It holds twistables flat in the drawer along with standard pencils.

Another resource I used in the infant classroom and also in the senior classroom was the write and wipe pockets. You place a worksheet in the pocket and the children can complete them using the whiteboard marker, they can be wiped clean and reused. I used them for pre-writing and writing patterns as they could focus on one specific pattern, and the worksheet for the pattern could be changed as needed. I bought my pockets on Amazon, but ABC schools supplies have a similar product on their site. 

For station teaching and group work it can be difficult to organise the resources and activities. I was looking for classroom caddies over the last few years, but I found them on ABC School Supplies and purchased them this morning. They will be fantastic to organise resources and easily changed from station to station. I also hope to use them in the Senior classes to organise their desks.

Under bed storage boxes are also really useful in the infants classroom, they can store resources for Aistear but they can also be used as a sand tray. Lots of companies stock under bed storage boxes that might be suitable for your classroom.


There are so many resources for Literacy for the infant classes which makes it difficult to pick my favourites. However, here are some resources I used with my class and some which are on my wish list.

Pre-Reading is an important part of the early days of Junior Infants, I particularly like the Start workbook which has a planned approach to pre-reading and pre-writing activities. I also like these sequencing books from Prim-Ed which allow you to provide a differentiated approach to sequencing activities for your class. There is a detailed review on these books on my blog.

For an infant classroom this writing resource from ABC School Supplies would be high on my Wish List. It contains the dry wipe pockets that I mentioned earlier in the post but it also contains specific handwriting worksheets, markers and erasers. It would be ideal for an early finishers, writing area or for station teaching.

I am also a huge fan of Easylearn resources for the infant classes, from writing activities to sight words there are so many ebooks available. I also like their app Froggy Match It for early phonics and spelling activities it is ideal in a learning support setting or as part of station teaching. A detailed review of Froggy Match It is also available on my blog by clicking here.

There are so many resources available for infant classrooms, these are only a few of my favourite resources. Watch out for more blog posts on resources for literacy and maths in both Junior & Senior Classes.



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