Back to school: Senior Classes

So it’s creeping every closer so I wanted to organise some activities for the first day back.

As I had my class last year in 5th it will be easier to settle in (well I hope).

In the morning time I hope to use Padlet with my class, this is an online forum where the children can post responses anonymously. You might be familiar with Padlet from some of the online summer courses. I am going to use Padlet to explore what the children’s hopes are for the year. What they are looking forward to, what activities in the class they enjoy the most. Padlet is easy to setup and to share with the children in your class.

In Irish I am going to use the Mé Féin bunting which was also shared by Irish Primary Teacher earlier this week. I have used it in previous years and it will be a nice addition to our new Gaeilge board.

I am hoping to use my English display as a working wall. I have added post-its to each classroom caddy for the children to record new words/vocabulary. I will be using Just Grrammar this year and we will focus on specific elements each week. The post-its will allow the children the freedom to explore their texts, identify the element we are focusing on, record it on their post-it and add it to the working wall. I will add photos as we go. During the first few days I will explore different texts from their English anthology and will use different strategies in their groups to respond to the text.

In Maths this year I want to continue focusing on their Reasoning and communication skills. I am going to use blank copy and add different types of problems, by using a blank copy the children will have the opportunity to record their answers on the page, without it being too formal. I love the book I See Reasoning and I will mainly focus on that but I am also going to use the fabulous resources from Mash Up Math.

As I have changed classroom this year I will have to recreate my classroom displays for English, Gaeilge and Maths. I will add photos once they are complete.

If you have any questions about any of the above activities or resources, please send me a PM.



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  1. Hi I’m finding it hard to plan English for junior infants would you have any suggestions on how-to allocate times for oral language phonics etc . With aistear for a hour it is difficult to fit all in thanks 

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