Walking into a blank classroom

For any NQT followers you might be visiting your new school this week and you could be walking into a blank classroom, now it’s time to make it your own.

Here are some displays for a Junior Classroom

Phonics/Alphabet Frieze

Depending on the phonics scheme in use in the school you could add an alphabet frieze to your room and update your phonics frieze as you go. There are lots of lovely friezes to download and print from Twinkl or you could buy this set from Amazon which includes 4 different friezes for your classroom.

Number lines

Having attended a Ready Set Go course they recommended a number line on every wall. In that way children can just look up from any point in the room and see the number line. I put different number lines around the classroom when I had infants and they loved them. I had printed the numbers with formation rhymes and had that as our number line on the board. There are lots of number lines available online to download and print.

Months of the Year/Birthday Chart

I tried to create a new Birthday Chart each year. One year I had a hot air balloon for each month and in the first week I took photos of the children that had their birthdays each month and added it to the display, the class loved it. I also had the months printed on planets, I stuck the planets onto large black sugar papers and had a rocket with each child’s name on it. The rockets were flying to the planet for their birthday. I always try to link the birthday chart to the interests of children in my class.

Other displays are always a work in progress and should link with your topics in the class. I had a word garden and I added to it as we introduced new words. This linked specifically with the jolly phonics scheme as tricky words were flowers. I purchased the compete set of tricky words for the classroom, they were colour coded to match the interactive programme and the workbooks. They are available on Amazon but also from other Irish retailers such as Book Haven, Folens or ABC School Supplies.

Have you any other displays in the infant classrooms? Let me know!



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