Blank Classroom: Senior Classes

As we head back to school next week some of us may be heading into a blank classroom.

I have changed classrooms so I will be creating all my displays again. Here are some of the displays I have planned for my classroom.

Growth Mindset:

I downloaded this set from Twink, I think it is important to encourage the children to think about solving issues and problems rather than dwell on the issue. I remind the children to use the colourful side of the brain throughout the day as they work independently.


For English I have a punctuation display from Tpet, I also have a grammar display with an owl theme which I got on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I am hoping to use this grammar display as a working wall this year and get the children to add to the display with post its.

This year, after finding inspiration on instagram and from other teacher bloggers such as Irish Primary Teacher and All things Primary. I am going to create a reading table where I will add reading journals and books that the children can read. In recent years I have bought some of the books that feature in the class anthology so I am going to feature them on the reading table as we cover them in class. I will continue my book clubs this year and highlight books from book club on it too. Once I have created my reading table I will add photos to my instagram.


For my Maths display I want to focus on problem solving skills this year. I purchased a problem solving kit from teachers pay teachers. I haven’t used it before but it really focuses on the language and gives the class specific strategies to approach word problems. I also want to create a problem solving display and a Maths vocabulary display.

I will also continue to display a problem a week from Brain Snack from Prim-Ed, this resource is great to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills too.


I have purchased different displays from Realta Ranga on Teachers Pay Teachers for my Gaeilge display. I add months of the year from Mr. Price and I have made a balla ceist for each theme in Gaeilge. The children get A5 copies for their folders and I have an A3 copy on the Gaeilge board.

Once I get my displays up I will add photos to instagram. Come follow me on Insta!



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