Term 1 Literacy Focus Senior Classes

Hi everyone,

September is such a busy time, settling back into school, new classroom and new class. So unfortunately my blog had to take a back seat for a few weeks. However, now i’m back.

For Literacy this year, I introduced Just Grammar from Educate.ie and I love it. It provides a really practical approach for teaching Grammar. I use it daily with my class, it also could be used for discrete oral language lessons. This week we focused on adjectives and the language used was perfect to develop their oral language lessons and in turn their creative writing.

I have also received the new Teaching Writing Strategies Books from Prim-Ed which I am using as additional activities and homework activities to complement Just Grammar. I really like the approach in the new Writing Strategies books, it introduces the rule but also gives specific examples and encourages the children to reflect on the rule and how to apply it to their own written work. A more detailed post on these books is coming soon.

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In Creative Writing I am revising procedure writing and focusing on recount writing until midterm with resources from Twinkl.ie. I am also using the Short Reads Comprehension Pack from Scholastic in groups to develop their comprehension skills. The class are really enjoying the non fiction aspects of the text and it is illustrating how recount writing can be used in a non-fiction approach.

I have also started using Spelling City with my class this year, having heard about it on my iPad Summer Course. I have signed up for the free account and can add my own lists so I add my spellings from Spellbound each week. The class can log on at home and play different games focused on this weeks spellings. Spelling city also includes the definition of the word and uses the word in context. I think it is a great focus on vocabulary development and oral language both at home and at school.

If you want any more information on any of these resources please send me a PM.


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