Term 1: Maths

We are almost at midterm and having completed my long terms it’s now time to organise my resources and support materials for the school year.

While I use the CJ Fallon Mathemagic in the class there are so many resources I have to expand the skills of the children in my class.

I See Maths is one of my favourite online resources for problem solving and critical thinking. One element of the site which I hope to use during Maths Week is the 3 act tasks involving a selection of videos with a variety of tasks which the class can explore and participate in.

I also use the Prim Ed Maths Box with my class. We have problem solving homework one night a week and I have started using the Maths Box cards as part of their homework. They are really bright and colourful which when compared to a black and white text book really captures their attention. Each Maths Box has different sets of cards which represent the different curricular areas, so I can pick a specific colour to focus on the strand we are covering in class. I use the box for the class below my group for homework and we use Maths Box 6 in the class ourselves. The class really enjoy them and it’s working well so far.

I also use I See Reasoning, another resource from I See Math. This encourages the class to identify mistakes and develop their own reasoning skills. Gareth Metcalfe from I See Maths is also releasing I See Problem Solving which I am going to purchase and use with my class.

Finally the last resource that I really like this year is Mash Up Math. I have signed up for their daily problem solving task and my class really look forward to this element of the lesson. It can be represented in many forms using pictures, grids or to identify the odd one out. It is definitely a site worth checking out.

Any questions on the above resources please send me a PM.


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