Irish Homework Update

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to update our progress with so far.

Last year I started using with my class, and while the flipped classroom approach took some getting used to it is definitely working well this year. There have been some new features which my class are enthusiastic about and really enjoy. has different levels of lessons, we started on level one last year with some children progressing onto level two. this year we all started on level two and are working our way through it.

Screenshot (14)

The flipped classroom approach allows the child to work freely at home on the assigned lesson and consolidate the work in school through a variety of activities. I mainly use role play with my class but have used the suggested activities for other elements of my Gaeilge lesson.

2018-10-15This year for those who don’t complete the activities at home, I ask them to write the drama out in their copies at school. I followed the suggestions on the site, and I have to admit it is really working. Last week I had 100% participation at home and showing it to my class they are determined to keep this level up.

Another new feature this year is the Spelling activities. I ask my class to prepare this at home and then play the game on the class on the smart board. They are really enthusiastic about it in the class.

2018-10-15 (1)

Other activities on the site include word searches which focus on key vocabulary from the lesson. You can also download a pdf of the dialogue to develop it within the role play or for children to keep on file. In June my class chose 3-4 lessons and then wrote their own drama using the pdf files as prompts. The results were amazing.


Overall I have really noticed a huge improvement in the level of Irish in my class. They are more confident in speaking and taking part in the role plays, because they are familiar with it after consistent practice at home their dramatic side can be seen in class.

I use in conjunction with the set texts within our book rental scheme. I feel that they are more engaging with the text books as their own level of Irish has improved. While they still complete grammar and comprehension activities from the text book, the class are completing them quicker and are more engaging with the text book as their own confidence increases. We spend more time on oral work and drama now while still completing the text books.

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