Term 1 So far

Hi everyone,

So sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, it has been an incredibly busy term so far. I also had the chance to travel over the midterm break which was amazing. Although it took me a while to get back to normal with jet lag, first world problems eh!

I am planning lots of new blog posts for Aistear Muinteoir over the next few weeks. I hope to focus in writing genres and resources I use to support them in my class.

I also want to focus on resources that I use with my senior classes for lots of different subjects.

For my followers in the junior end there are lots of older blog posts that focus on specific topics in Aistear along with some ideas for literacy games and numeracy games. I will share some older blog posts too over the next few weeks.

If there is any specific area or topic you would like to see explored on Aistear Muinteoir please let me know.



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