Mini Whiteboards – how I use them

Mini Whiteboards are a must have in any classroom!!!

Here are some ways I used mine in infants and how I use them with my Senior Classes.


Pre writing
Use the whiteboards for writing patterns, the children can practice the letters over and over again also. I used a mixture of chalkboards and whiteboards for letter formation.

Free Writing
Senior Infants could use the whiteboards to write their own news, encouraging approximate spelling. They could also use the whiteboards to practice their onset and rime. I tried to practice a word ending each week and the children could write down different words with that word ending.

Phonics and Dictation
Some children hate the thought of writing anything down that may be wrong. The whiteboards are great to encourage children to have a go! My class worked on dictation from the Jolly Phonics programme and some children wanted to practice on the whiteboards initially.

Maths and number formation

I used the whiteboards for lots of different activities in Maths, I could write a number on the whiteboards for them and the class could complete sets to match that number.
They can also practice their number formation on their whiteboards.

In Senior Infants you can use the whiteboards to show the division of sets when practicing the story of number.

You could also use the whiteboards for Show Me activities. In Senior Infants you could call out a sum and the class record the answer on their whiteboards, it saves shouting out and encourages all the children to respond.

Senior Classes


As mentioned earlier, some children may fear committing their predictions on paper if they feel they could be wrong. I use the whiteboards for children to record their predictions across different subjects such as English and Science. The children can record their predictions easily on the whiteboards which can easily be rubbed off after the lesson.

Mental Maths

I use my whiteboards daily in Maths, the children have them beside them when completing their Mental Maths. We also use them for rough work throughout the Maths lesson. I also used it when teaching the steps for long division. The class wrote down the steps on the whiteboard and used it as a visual reminder throughout the lesson.

Mind Maps

I use Mind Maps in my class for lots of different activities. While I make them on the whiteboard with the Windows M8! app, the children use their whiteboards for the initial planning stage. Then, when they become more confident they can record it in their own copies. We use Mind Maps to plan English writing tasks, to plan projects and to plan their speeches as part of the let’s Stand programme (Blog Post with more information on this programme to follow).

I have also encouraged the children to use Mind Maps as a revision tool at home and some have continued this into Secondary School.

Group Work

While my class are working on group tasks, I have seen them take out their whiteboards to record their ideas and also to outline the jobs for each person. They are becoming more independent with their use of mini whiteboards.

Mini Whiteboards are widely available, here are some stockists.

ABC School Supplies

Michael Doherty School Supplies 

PDST Whiteboards 

Do you have mini whiteboards in your class
How do you use your whiteboards?



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