Report Writing in Senior Classes

Hi everyone,

I hope that the start of Term 2 is going smoothly.

I am focusing on Report Writing with my class for the first part of Term 2 and here are some of the strategies I am hoping to use with my class.

I am covering the Report Writing genre across Reading and Writing, along with integrating it with my SESE work.

Reading and Comprehension:
Currently I am using the Prim Ed Reading Comprehension and Word Reading book and I am focusing on the Report Comprehension texts across the book. I really like these books as they focus on vocabulary and comprehension while also including the aspects of Report Writing. I am using the text in pair work activities, reading for fluency with a partner and completing the activities both as paired work and independent work.

As part of station teaching I am going to use the Scholastic Short Reads Pack. It contains a variety of cards across different genres. To link with my writing genre I am only focusing on cards that focus on reports. These cards also indicate the lexile range so you can easily differentiate for your groups. The teacher’s manual also contains a fantastic guide for questioning and vocabulary work to use within the stations.

I also hope to use Primary Planet with my class. If you are not familiar with it, it is a monthly magazine which includes a variety of articles that are aimed at 5th and 6th class pupils. My class really enjoy using them in class as the articles are always relevant to them and relevant to events in their lives. I hope to explore the report articles and allow the class time to recognise the elements of report writing within the articles which they can use in their own writing.

I have followed activities as suggested by the PDST to introduce the writing genre. As we are focusing on it in reading the children can identify the different elements easily.

To peer assess and self assess I purchased these rubrics from Primary Works which have a detailed rubric for each genre. They are a great starting point and you can edit them to suit your own class’ needs.

I also use the posters and frameworks from MargD in the class. I really like the posters as they explain each genre in detail. On the site there are also lovely writing frames and assessment tools that you can use in your class.  They are specific to each writing genre so you can use them across the year.

Oral Language:

Oral Language is an integral part of the reading and writing process when introducing a writing genre, but also when reflecting on their work. I have recently started to use the Let’s Stand manual with my class to develop their public speaking and presentation skills. They are beginning to identify with the strategies and assessment rubric to develop their own presentations in class. Through Report Writing the class can prepare a piece that they can then deliver to the class as a presentation during our Let’s Stand time. At the moment we are focusing on our History theme of Ireland during the Plantations, this allows the class time to develop their knowledge further on the topic and to also be comfortable in giving their own opinion of these historical events.

If you have any questions on the resources listed above please send me a PM




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