Writing Genres: Procedure

I use Procedure Writing across many subjects in the Senior Classes. It can easily integrated into Science, where children can become familiar with writing out experiments using a writing framework initially, but this practice can be continued across the school year.

As I introduce procedure writing to the class I use samples of texts so they can compare and decide what the key elements of procedure writing are. PDST has great examples of procedure texts across a range of abilities which you could use.

I also use Procedure texts for comprehension activities. I then like to use the activities from The English Workbook by Prim-Ed Publishing which explore different writing genres through a variety of activities such as oral work, comprehension activities, vocab and writing activities. The children’s workbook can record their progress and the teachers manual also contained more detailed activities along with assessment and record keeping. The evaluation sheets would be very useful for the expansion of the new language curriculum to senior classes.

As mentioned in previous posts I like to use the the posters by MargG but I also have this poster from TES.  MargG also has lovely frameworks and writing guides which could also be used with junior classes for procedure writing.

This year I also hope to expand their use of ICT for procedure writing using different apps. Children can draw their own diagrams or take pictures for each step of the process which we can use in their writing. Apps such as Book Creator or Explain Everything will allow the children to add their own content along with text for their procedure writing. To build on their fluency I hope that they will record their own narrative for their work.

I hope to use a cross curricular approach with the IT element in order to develop the children’s procedure writing skills.

If you have any questions about the above resources please send me a PM.



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