Seachtain na Gaeilge – Senior Classes

Hi everyone,

Term 2 is really flying by, and here we are half way through the term.

Here are some ideas to use some apps and ICT to incorporate Seachtain na Gaeilge in senior classes.

DoInk Green Screen

Since I was introduced to this app at a Summer Course with Cormac Cahill, I love using it with my class. To incorporate it with Gaeilge, I hope to link with the téama An Aimsir and get the class to create their own weather forecast.

The class can create their own maps which I will photograph to use as backgrounds and then they can write their own script to create their own weather forecast. Getting the time to video each group will be tricky, as my makeshift green screen is at the back of my room. But hopefully we will get through as many as possible.

Alternatively, you could recreate the parade outside on the yard. By taking pictures or a simple video you could use that as the background and the children could recreate their own news bulletin from the parade.


There are so many quizzes on Kahoot for Gaeilge so I hope to use one or two with my class. They are perfect for revising a theme in Irish or as pre-testing their vocab before a unit.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

I recently spotted another blogger chatting about Who wants to be a millionaire powerpoint that she was using in her class. I loved the idea, so after my own searching I found a website where you can create your own quiz. It has the music and lifelines like the show on tv. As we are focusing on our verbs, I hope to get the class to work in pairs to design their own quiz to share with the others on Friday.

I will update you all on how these activities go.

In other lessons I hope to link with Seachtain na Gaeilge, my genre of the month in Music is Irish Music and I hope to explore familiar and unfamiliar tunes with the class, along with exploring instruments.

I hope to cover a ceili dance with the class in PE also. The PDST have links to lots of dances to cover across all classes. These videos are on Vimeo, so no need to worry about YouTube being blocked.

If you have any questions on these activities, please send me a PM.



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