End of term 2

Hi everyone,

Can you believe the Easter holidays are finally here!! Term 2 has been so long and so busy.

For me Term 2 is always so busy. Between preparing my class for Confirmation and then working on other projects in school and in the classroom I have been so preoccupied with my own class and work that this page gets overlooked.

I am taking some time out over the Easter holidays, honestly it is so needed. I’m sure you also feel the same.

I have lots of new posts to come though, artist of the month, term 3 in infants along with reviews of resources I am using in the class such as 180 Days of Reading from ABC School Supplies, an updated review of the STEM boxes from Prim-Ed and other resources I have gotten for my own class.

Enjoy the Easter Holidays everyone, this break has been well deserved.



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