Artist of the Month: George Rodrigue

In my art lessons I like to explore an artist each month. It gives the class an opportunity to explore different aspects of Art and identify works from famous artists. Having previously covered pop art from Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, I am planning to look at the work of George Rodrigue after Easter with my class.

The George Rodrigue Foundation has it’s own website with resources and lesson ideas for children. The Education guide from the site has lessons for classes across the school from exploring colour to drawing self portraits. The lessons are based around the Blue Dog which is one of Rodrigue’s well know images.

Similarly the website Deep Space Sparkle have lesson ideas based around Blue Dog that can be explored across a number of classes. To explore the stand of drawing I hope to begin with this lesson from Art Projects for Kids, which has a step by step guide to drawing the dog. The children can then explore complementary colours to paint or colour their image with pastels.

Through exploring the slideshow from slideplayer the class will have the opportunity to recreate their own Blue Dog in difference scenarios which I hope will make an interesting display in my class.

Hope these links and ideas will be useful for your own art lessons and planning.



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