180 Days of Reading – A Review

I recently purchased the book 180 Days of Reading for my Senior Classes from ABC School Supplies and have used it with my class over the last few weeks and I have been very impressed with the content of the book.

180 Days of Reading gives you 36 weekly sets of reading and comprehension activities to use with your class. There is a short comprehension piece for each of the first three days, with a longer comprehension piece for day four and a written activity on day five. Each weekly unit is based on a particular theme and the content and knowledge is reflected and increased across the week.


There are different activities to link with each comprehension piece. There are comprehension questions, vocabulary and grammar questions for each piece. The comprehension questions focus on different comprehension skills such as summarising and recognising the main idea of the text.


For more information on these books check them out on the ABC Schools Supplies site. 

How I used them in my classroom:
I have been working on fluency with my class throughout Term 2 and it can be hard to find suitable resources. This workbook was perfect for fluency. There was a short piece that the children could read every morning with their partner. As it was a short piece they could spend time reading to their partner while also observing the punctuation. Once the children had read aloud to their partner, we discussed the piece as a class. Then the children worked independently to complete the activities. This was a daily routine over the last few weeks. Having a short piece for fluency allowed us to move on with other areas of the English curriculum during our lesson.

I really liked using this comprehension book with my class, I really liked the weekly layout and if like me you keep Spellings and Mental Maths on the same week this book continues a similar pattern. I liked that the text developed over the week and children began to learn more and identify further with the topic as the week went on.

ABC School Supplies kindly sent me copies of the text for younger classes and they follow a similar pattern. I hope to add a detailed review of the junior books to my page soon.

If you have any questions about this book, please send me a PM.



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