Summer Holidays at Last

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the summer Holidays so far. After completing  my face to face summer course last week I feel that my Summer Holidays have finally arrived. Unfortunately that also brings the slump (perhaps that is due to too much dancing and singing at Westlife over the weekend). So I am taking a few days this week to recharge the batteries and also to make a plan for Aistear Muinteoir.

Over the Summer I hope to share some of my older blog posts for any new followers along with some new topics. I also hope to start tackling my English Plan for September. I am going to stay with my Senior Classes again next year and want to develop my yearly plan for English in line with the New Language Curriculum. All suggestions from my followers are also welcome.

I also hope to get on top of reviews for resources I have used over the year. Some resources I have been sent I’ve shared with colleagues and haven’t had chance to review them myself as they have been thoroughly used.

If there are any topics or specific blog posts you would like to see on Aistear Muinteoir please let me know!



One comment

  1. Hi I love all the work you do it’s such a help. I am in junior infants this year coming. Do u have any English plans inline with new curriculum that I could see or buy . It’s very daunting when you look at it but I know I can get there. Thanks again


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