Aistear Muinteoir – about me

Hi everyone,

I seem to have written some posts about me before but as time moves on it’s important to review and update your own profile too. So for new followers here is a little more information about me.

I graduated from Mary I initially with a B.Ed., I returned to college 10 years later and completed my M.Ed. in UCD. I focused my research on play based learning and how to involve parents in Aistear. It was really interesting and so many of my friends commented on the nerd I turned into during my M.Ed.

At the time of  my research I was teaching infant classes and I loved it. I had set up Aistear once I returned to infant classes and was happy with my approach. My school had a WSE while I was in infants and the cigire was really positive about some of my approaches to learning and also my Aistear set up. Most of these approaches are now included on this page in one blog post or another.

Then I made the huge move to Senior Classes, and what a change it was. The curriculum and teaching approaches were so different and were a real challenge. But now after 3 years in Senior Classes I am really enjoying it and looking forward to my 4th year in senior classes in September.

Initially this blog focused on play based learning and infants but over the years I’ve added more and more senior topics to it. Some of my followers may be making a similar jump in their own schools or they may be student teachers facing placements. So I hope this page contains a variety of ideas across the different levels.

As this page progressed I was contacted by some companies to review products and I happily will to offer my honest opinion. ,I have to put them to use in my classroom first to give a fair and honest review. I have received no payments for reviewing products. But I will add the #gifted to these posts in future. Some resources and products I add to my page are my own or have been in the school already.

What’s next for Aistear Muinteoir:

I have been guilty of letting the blog slide when times get busy in work. But I hope to get it back up and running over the Summer and give it momentum for September. There are lots of older blog posts to share over the next few weeks for Aistear topics and ideas.

As the New Language Curriculum is in for Senior Classes now I want to take time over the next few weeks to put my own long term plan for English together to reflect the new curriculum. There will be more detailed post on this soon.

I also want to review any long term plans I have on to add more specific resources and links to make it easier for teachers to plan for their own class. Once they are updated I will let you know on this blog or facebook.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too to see my shopping trips over the Summer. My Amazon wish list is huge already, but I love to browse some of my favourite shops to see what fancy stationery I can get for September.

If you have any questions on this post or other posts on my blog, please send me a PM.

Now to enjoy the sunshine!



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