Summer Course: Calm Bootcamp

I completed my Summer Course with Anokha learning today. Having completed other courses with Anokha Learning in the last two years, I was kindly gifted a place on their ever popular Calm Bootcamp this year.

Calm Bootcamp focuses on a variety of activities and skills such as mindfulness, kindfulness, simple CBT exercises and general well-being which is so relevant in every classroom today.

It was outlined through a series of ebooks and module videos. I really like this approach as it suits most people. There were also resource sheets for each module with valuable links to different sites and resources for each topic. I particularly like the IT element in each module which showed how your class could create their own resources that they could use themselves for emotional well-being.

I really like the courses from Anokha learning as it gives a holistic approach to their topics. Calm Bootcamp focuses on what supports the children need or strategies they can use but it also places the teacher at the centre. Reminding us that we need self care too. This course encouraged me to be more reflective of my own self care and making sure that I take time out for myself too.

Overall I am impressed with the courses from Anokha learning, I have completed the Calm Bootcamp this year but in previous years I completed courses on bullying prevention and cultivating friendship. All courses come with a restorative practice module which I have also implemented in my classroom. They offer practical advice and supports for teachers for strategies and interventions that are really important in classrooms today.

Check out their site for more information 



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