Aistear Muinteoir’s Wish List

Hi everyone,

If you have been following my Instagram you will have seen my recent browses through some of my favourite stores – Mr. Price, Dealz, The Range and there is more to come.

So what am I looking for!

I want to get some new storage boxes for my classroom, last year I had small baskets/boxes and when the children were finished their work they dropped the relevant copies in the boxes for correction. So next year I hope to have a similar system for corrections so I’m on the look out for some new colourful baskets.

Last year I invested in classroom caddies from ABC School Supplies and they were so handy at each desk. I also had a VIP Supplies which went to the group that worked well the day before. As I have a larger class this year I will need more caddies, but I also need some nice, cute stationery to add to my VIP Supplies. I like to have a range of necessary stationery in each caddy, just in case a child did not bring their own pencil case to school. I add pencils, highlighters, colouring pencils, rulers etc. Today I checked out The Range and Mr. Price for some stationery. I also picked up some in Smiggle which will just be for the VIP Supplies. Smiggle pens are a real treat in the VIP caddy.

I’m taking inspiration from lots of teacher bloggers to set up my classroom so I am on the look out for a cute tablecloth to brighten up my desk (and also inspire me to keep it clean). I want to get some new backing paper for display boards in my classroom so watch this space!

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I’m trying to keep my wish list small as my holi-yays are coming up! Hope you are all enjoying the Summer holidays so far.



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