Planning for next year

I know it’s still July but I am heading away on holidays at the start of August and I want to try stay in holiday mode as long as I can when I get back so I’ve been working on some new long term plans recently.

Where to start!

As the New Primary Language Curriculum is being introduced for Senior Classes I have been working from a draft document that I found on NCCA site. From all the responses on Instagram I have decided to focus on 2 learning outcomes each month, with a focus on one each fortnight. Some can be reviewed later on in the year to ensure children are reaching their milestones. I am hoping this approach will work, i’ll update you all on my progress. Last year I worked on one genre across all three strands and it worked really well so I hope to have similar approach this year too. I hope to use a variety of parallel readers to supplement this approach.

I like to plan thematically where I can so I am working on my new thematic plan at the moment. I am hoping to integrate this across as many subjects as I can including English, History, Geography, Science, Art. I will also be working with Starlight Oral Language programme from Folens next year too which has many topics to integrate with SESE.

I also hope to have a monthly planner for the front of my planning folder. It will outline my general theme, genre in English, téama in irish, genre of the month in Music, artist of the month in Visual Arts, character education trait of the month in SPHE. I am hoping this will help with my fortnightly plans as I go through the year. I can add it to my store if anyone is interested.

All my older long term plans are now reduced on




  1. Hi love your work it’s so good. Do u have plans for junior infants with new curriculum and oral language outcomes etc in them thanks


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