Maths Week 2019

Maths week began yesterday 12th October and runs all through next week until 20th October.

Here are some ideas you could try with your classes:

Maths Eyes has become really popular over the last few years. Twinkl now have powerpoint presentations specifically to encourage the children to look for Maths in the world around them.

Last year with my Senior Classes their homework for Maths Week was Maths Eyes and I gave them a focus of a different strand area each night. For data they looked at their results on and IXL. The graphs and records of time spent on these sites provided an ideal discussion points for using data in school. We also looked at Measures and Shape and Space. We also spent time discussing different strands and different careers that would relate to these strands.

Maths Eyes could also be used in Junior classes, looking for shapes out around the school. If you have iPads or tablets, why not let the children take photos of different shapes around the school. They might spot more than you!

Maths trails:

Each year I get my class to design maths trails for the other classes. This takes some time and preparation as they must understand the level of maths at each class level and what questions would be suitable. It is also a good assessment tool to see the children working together and check their understanding of what is a suitable question for a Junior Infant. We will take the infant classes out to complete the maths trails with them during the week.

You could also prepare a small orienteering activity based on shapes around the school. Take photos of different shapes and the children have to find each one to record a letter or number. This would work well in seniors up to 2nd class.

Maths Games:

There are so many maths games in the junior end, especially if you are using Ready Set Go. Card games for number matching, sorting games with attribute shapes the opportunities are endless. There are lots of online maths games too.

In my own senior class we are covering fractions soon and I wanted to develop their awareness of improper fractions so I will be using an idea I shared on my page last week from We are teachers. It is a fraction game played with decks of cards. Each child takes two cards and makes a fraction. They then must compare who has the largest fraction and that player gets to keep all the dealt cards. I am hoping games like this will improve their knowledge and mental maths around fractions.

I am also going to use daily puzzles from Mash Up Math  which encourage discussion, problem solving and critical thinking. These puzzles are suitable for a range of classes.

Finally there are also endless resources, ideas and competitions on the Maths Week Ireland site. There are also links to the PDST manuals which have great lesson ideas for active maths lessons during Maths Week. I will feature some of my favourite Maths resources on Instagram during the week.

If you have any questions, send me a PM.




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