I’m back…..

Hi everyone,

Sorry to all my followers but with a busy start to the year my blog was side tracked for a while. But due to the current situation I’m back blogging and sharing some new ideas to help with e-learning and working at home.

Last weeks announcement of school closures caught us all by the surprise, while I knew it was inevitable I hadn’t anticipated that they would close on Thursday. My class were all set for their Confirmation at the weekend which was inevitably postponed. As a result, I decided to begin their e-learning and working from home on Wednesday morning. This also gave me time to get prepared myself 

My plan is to share my diary with regular posts called Diary of a E-Learning Teacher. I have spent the day signing up to lots of online platforms to share with my students. My class already have Edmodo and Office365 accounts already so developing their e-learning with new platforms such as Manga High and Khan Academy so I will update you on my progress.

I also hope to complete some CPD that I also had to side track some courses. I hope to finish the course I was gifted from Anokha Learning on Helping Children to Cope with Anxiety, which given the current situation will be very beneficial.

I will also add lots reviews from new books and products that have been gifted to me. I have shared some on Instagram so hope to add more detailed book reviews here.

If you want to see anything specific please send me a PM.

Stay Safe everyone



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