Distance Learning for Parents Day 2

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was so busy with my class and getting everything sorted that I didn’t get a post up for parents. If parents follow my blog and are unsure of anywork set by their child’s teacher I am always willing to help out via messages and emails.

Today’s post is about creating Story Sacks for your children which are ideal for children in the younger classes. These Story Sacks are great for reading, vocabulary, comprehension and some creative activities and can be created with little resources all available online.

Take the story book The Gingerbread Man.

Many of you might have the story book at home, if not access it online here. Take time to listen to or read the story to your child. Encourage them to join in with the story during the repeated sections.

There are printable puppets on Twinkl  which can be downloaded and printed at home. Twinkl has free access at the moment due to the Corona Virus with the code IRLTWINKLHELPS

Use the puppets to retell the story with your child. Film them and share the video with grandparents too. There are lots of creative activities to do based on the Gingerbread Man story, activities to sequence the order of the characters or design your own Gingerbread man, these activities are all free to download from Twinkl once you create an account.

Another activity to link with the Gingerbread man story is to make some playdough with your child and have fun creating your own gingerbread man, or bake Gingerbread men with this simple recipe.

You could complete different activities based on the Gingerbread Man story each day with your child beginning with listening to the story or retelling the story. If you try any of these activities I would love to see photos so post them in the comments on Facebook.

Stay Safe everyone,

Aistear Muinteoir.


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