Diary of an isolating teacher Day 5

Hi everyone,

It has been the longest, strangest week and I am glad it’s the weekend. I woke early today and was trying to formulate a plan for responding to emails and SeeSaw notifications, then realised it was Saturday. So no posts or emails to sort today, phew!!! So, because I was up early I cleaned and brushed and mopped and now I’m ready to chill.

I am trying to plan for the week ahead, I have had some feedback from parents and wanted to get a wider feedback, because at times you only hear what isn’t working for people. I wanted to know if the time I’m spending online is benefiting my class or would they rather be given rough guide of what to complete. From chatting to Playful Classroom on Instagram this morning,  I decided to follow her lead and send out a Google form with questions for parents so I could get feedback. The responses are trickling in, I was so apprehensive about sending it out, but now am glad when I see the different feedback coming in.

I am going to wait for some more feedback and then decide on my plan of action this week. What my class have enjoyed is the video work. I share a video on Edmodo and then ask them to respond to it. These are not my own ideas i’ve sourced them on SeeSaw, Literacy Shed and other sites.

My class love Kid President and we have watched his videos in class. They are all very relevant for society at the moment. Last week the class responded to Reasons to be Thankful, they watched the video and then responded with their own reasons to be Thankful. This activity is also available to assign on SeeSaw. They could draw pictures and narrate why they are thankful.

This week I am going to focus on Kindness, so I will share this video from Kid President on Things to Say More Often. Then the class can comment with an act of kindness they have seen and then acts of kindness they themselves can do over the week.

I would use videos like this in class for class discussion so now I’m hoping to use a similar approach on Edmodo. Maybe we should all look at these videos ourselves at this time.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone, remember wash your hands and maintain social distance.

Stay Safe

Aistear Muinteoir


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