Diary of an isolating teacher Day 7

Hi everyone,

Took a break from my daily diary post yesterday. After hitting a wall and feeling overwhelmed on Monday I took a short break from blog posts yesterday.

I was listening to Derval O Rourke on the radio today and she said she had a shower and put on make up today, even though she wasn’t going anywhere but it made her feel better. So I took her advice and I def feel more human today.

Yesterday I couldn’t help thinking about the children in my class and if I was feeling overwhelmed, what about them? So I looked at the resources I have for the classroom and how best to use them with my class.

I have bought lots of printable kits from Big Life Journal and having subscribed to their site I also get a free printable each week. These Kits are fantastic to remind the children to be Grateful and to think Positively. For any parents who follow this blog these kits are worth checking out to support your child at home.  I also found videos on YouTube about Growth Mindset from Class Dojo which I am starting to share with the class via Edmodo. 

Each day I am going to share a Growth Mindset video and get the class to respond. There are lots of activities on SeeSaw too to encourage the children to think positively. So I am going to share one of these activities daily too. Hopefully activities like these will help any children from my class that are anxious about Covid-19.

With schools now closing until at least after Easter it makes the distance learning harder for us, but it is also more important than ever to check in with the class. Reassure them that we are still here.

And we still have to look after ourselves too, I am glad of the Spring sunshine this week as it makes somethings a little brighter. Getting out and about for a walk when I can.

Stay Safe Everyone

Aistear Muinteoir



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