Parents and Distance Learning Day 4

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is staying safe.

Home school and distance learning is set to continue for the next while, right up to the Easter holiday for the moment.

This week I have sent out Family Challenges to my class along with colleagues in my school and have seen lots of families take part. I think it’s important for families to come together at this time, working together on family challenges will hopefully bring lots of fun and positivity which we all need at this time.

There are lots of ideas for Family Challenges from different bloggers and sites so here are some ideas for you to check out with your family at home.

Designer Minds have great daily challenges and are a mixture of design and make, science and art activities which will get all the family involved.

Ms Forde’s Classroom also shares great family challenges for each day. These challenges include board games or making a treasure hunt for your family.

There are lots of options to stay active with your family. Joe Wicks is running an online live PE session for children every morning at 9am, a great way to start the day. Check out his YouTube channel to get involved.

One last site to check out for lots of different family challenges is Little Bins for Little Hands, I subscribe to the site and get lots of lovely ideas emailed each week. A hugely popular post is the Lego challenge which has a different Lego Challenge every day. Plenty to see you through the Easter Holidays too.

Don’t forget to have your wind down time and chill time too. Cosmic Yoga is a nice way for some down time in the evenings. David Coleman the psychologist is also running live videos with the Facebook page Anokha Learning on Monday evenings with some breathing techniques which may help any children that are feeling anxious.

I hope these ideas will inspire more family challenges for you all. If you try any send me a photo, I’d love to see them.

Stay Safe everyone

Aistear Muinteoir


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