Diary of an Isolating Teacher Day 8

Hi everyone,

Well here we are, over a week into isolation and distance learning. How is it working out for you?

I am finally beginning to strike a balance between time spent online and my own personal time. I think with the initial set up I was focusing more and more on making sure my activities were ok, that the class were all accessing the online materials and work was being sent through.

While I know from Edmodo that the class are working away, I have had some messages and emails from parents about tech support for them. This is where we need to find the balance, supporting the parents to help their children at home and then marking work so that the children can complete it with support if needed.

Some of my daily activities include If it’s not a … what is it from Little Miss Teacher Blog, I am loving it and so are my class. They are enjoying videos from Literacy Shed and Kid President on YouTube. I find the videos grab their attention easily and then they respond to the video with different activities on Seesaw or Edmodo. Tomorrow I have a survey ready for my class for the activities they enjoy most so that I can change focus if needed for next week’s learning. Getting the feedback is so beneficial, I sent out a Google Form last week for parents and that has guided my approaches this week.

Next week I am hoping to run live conference calls with my class, at the moment Microsoft Teams is out as my class are under 13, but if anyone knows how to work around this I would appreciate any support. While I am looking forward to checking in with my class during a video call it will be hard to strike a balance as I won’t have access to the variety of resources in my classroom. But i’ll update you all on the progress I make.

So now to strike a balance between school work, online activities and making sure I get time away from laptop and getting outdoors in this lovely Spring weather. Got any Netflix recommendations for my weekend viewing?

Almost the weekend everyone, stay safe

Aistear Muinteoir


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