Diary of an isolating teacher Day 11

Hi everyone,

Today marks the start of the Easter holidays and it has been the strangest end of term ever. Usually I would have baked with my class and had an Easter Raffle. Today I sent them an Easter wordsearch to complete on SeeSaw to mark our holidays.

Myself and other teachers have been setting family challenges every day, whether it is an art idea from youtube or a STEM activity or even videos to promote being active and the response has been great, so I sent a brief outline of some family challenges for the break. I am not expecting families to complete them. but it gives an option for some families that prefer the routine.

Today as I signed off with my class on Edmodo, I realised that I need the routine of school work too, while I will need the time away from planning, setting and correcting work for my class I have probably used this work to create my own routine for my day. So I have to formulate a new plan.

Firstly, I’m going to try sign out of all online activities for the weekend, bar Netflix of course. Taking the time to read, get out for more walks and stay away from a laptop screen. Next week I hope to continue the course from Anokha Learning on Scared Children in conjunction with David Coleman, so far I have found the course so interesting and so relatable given the world we live in at the moment. I am hoping to complete it over next week.

I am hoping to cover other courses too from PDST and to try use Flipgrid myself so I can use it if school closures continue. Anyone recommend a course for Flipgrid?

For now, it’s time to sign off for the weekend and I hope my followers do too.

Stay Safe Everyone

Aistear Muinteoir


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