Diary of an Isolating teacher Day 12

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, the sunny Spring sunshine today marks the start of the Easter break, I did appreciate a little lie in this morning and not having to worry about having work ready for my class.

Over the weekend I spotted some teachers on Instagram had completed the Seesaw ambassador programme so I took a look at the programme yesterday evening and now I am a Seesaw ambassador too.

Seesaw was part of the Digital Learning Plan in my school prior to school closures, but our use of Seesaw has definitely surpassed our planned uses this year. As part of our Digital Plan the children were to become familiar with Seesaw and use it to record their reading once a month, this also reflected the fluency aspect of the new PLC. We also wanted to reassess our handwriting policy in the school so we were taking a photo each month of their handwriting in different curricular areas.

When schools were closed and distance learning became part of our new school routine, I looked into the activities section in Seesaw, setting some of the shared activities from other ambassadors of Seesaw to see what the response would be from my class. There was a positive engagement from the class so I wanted to expand it further.

On Seesaw I set the tasks If it’s not a .. what is it from Little Miss Teacher Blog, the class can respond creatively to this. It has been a hit with my class. I also ask them to record their reading twice a week if they can. They can share photos of their written maths work and once a week I asked them to record themselves narrating a problem in Maths.

Overall, it is working well. The majority of my class are responding well to Seesaw and are quite happy to complete the different activities. I have been sending them feedback with comments and now have started to record audio feedback for them also. I am conscious that some children do not have access to devices all the time and are sharing devices in a busy houses so I try to balance the time spent on Seesaw with written tasks from their textbooks when I can.

While we wait for news on further schools closures I will reassess the work I send for my class, include more instructional videos where I can for numeracy. But for now I will enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and enjoy a break from planning for a few days.

Stay Safe Everyone

Aistear Muinteoir


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